Masseria Falvo 1727: produzione del famoso Moscato di Saracena e Passito Di Saracena
Masseria Falvo Masseria Falvo Masseria Falvo Masseria Falvo Masseria Falvo Masseria Falvo Masseria Falvo Masseria Falvo Cantine Falvo Vigneti Falvo - Saracena, Cosenza Vigneti Saracena
Masseria Falvo
Masseria Falvo
Masseria Falvo
Masseria Falvo
Masseria Falvo
Masseria Falvo
Masseria Falvo
Since 1700 at the foot of Mount Pollino
Barrel - room, French oak tonneaux and barriques
26 hectares of vineyards...
...organically grown

Masseria Falvo 1727: three centuries of quality.

Vines: Magliocco, Muscat of Saracena, white Guarnaccia

Welcome to the ancient wine estate "MASSERIA FALVO 1727" ...

Vintage wines that tell passions.

... where the "terroir" tells the story of the thousand-year-old traditions through vintage wines, due to the passions and sacrifices of the Falvo family, for three centuries the owners of this estate, nestled between the plain of Sybaris and the Mount Pollino. Products of a loved and respected land, planted with organically managed vinyards.

26 hectares of vineyard in the Pollino National Park

In perfect harmony with the land that surrounds them, the properties of Masseria Falvo extend between the plain of Sybaris and the Pollino National Park, in the areas around the towns of Saracena and Cassano Ionio . The vineyards are on the slopes of Mount Pollino : a favorable climate , an optimal exposure , a soil which has always been suited to wine growing. Twenty-six hectares of vineyards, dominated by the native vines - Muscatel , Magliocco and Guarnaccia - cared for with the passion of someone who knows that quality wine is made in the vineyard.

  • MILIROSU, in the local dialect, was a very peculiar citrus fruit, grown in the Sybaris area, a very sweet and fragrant orange, with a smooth and thin peel which, for this reason, was not a "manly" fruit ; so farmers used to give them to their wives and children as a tribute.
  • PIRCOCA is a small peach that grows at the slopes of the Pollino National Park and has an intense and sweet-smelling aroma, which this wine suggests.
  • GRANETA, is the pomegranate fruit in the local dialect. The intense red color of this wine reminds of the ripe fruit of a pomegranate tree.
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