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Image by Ales Maze

A Thread 3 centuries long

In 1700 a family of nobles from Cosenza decided to build a Masseria on the slopes of the Pollino, possessions handed down from father to son, until in 2001 Ermanno and Pier Giorgio Falvo decided to give life to a dream, fueled by the indissoluble bond with their land: plant vineyards and make "their" wines: white, red and rosé.

The love for our land, a corner of paradise suspended between the peaks of Pollino and the sea of Sibari, makes us work exclusively organically.

We cultivate only part of the land owned, the rest is left as Mediterranean scrub to safeguard the vineyard ecosystem. Sustainable agriculture to leave a livable world for future generations


An atavistic passion


Ermanno and Gabriella: from winelovers to producers, a passion shown every day. She in the cellar and he in the vineyard to control and apply their philosophy: healthy grapes for natural wines.

The family


Pier Giorgio and Elena: from winelovers to producers. A love transmitted every day by telling people around the world about this wonderful "terroir" and their experiences in the vineyard and in the cellar.


The team

Everyone in the vineyards, as in the cellar, assisted by the careful consultancy of Fortunato Sebastiano and Gennaro Reale of Vignaviva and led by our irreplaceable cellar master Dario, works in the transformation of the fruits and flowers of the Pollino into our organic wines using the highest possible standard of climate protection , energy efficiency and ecology.

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